Photography & Videography

One of the services I offer is Social Media Assistance for influencers or start-up businesses.   I have worked with several high profile bloggers, influencers, celebrities and businesses helping them maximise their social media channels by creating innovative content.    Making your social media aesthetically pleasing is key in order to achieve raised engagement from followers and attain new followers.  Social media is the biggest and quickest way to grow a brand or business and I offer help that can help you reach your targets.

I help with photography, editing, and filming short videos to promote or engage.  Helping you to plan a direction/theme of your social media and therefore help grow following in a completely organic way.  Also helping you collaborate/connect with brands and other influencers.

I work in a holistic way, getting to know you and your brand and what you want to achieve before helping you in the right direction.  I believe that social media is the most powerful tool when wanting to promote yourself or your business.