Hi I’m Georgie Spurling, founder of the GS Method. 

In the early days of being a fitness coach, it was all about heavy or highly intensive workouts. I overtrained and became extremely unwell and burnt out, and was forced to realise this wasn’t the right approach for me. I had to find a way to heal my body through my workouts and the GS Method was born!

For years I have trained high profile, extremely stressed and time poor individuals. Whilst training them I started to notice how physically stressed their bodies were, they were misaligned, poorly balanced and stuck in bad habits. I started to teach them in the same low impact way that I had used to heal myself with. The results were amazing - not only did they achieve their aesthetic goals but at the same time they felt a release of pent up emotion and stress.

What is the GS Method?

  • Immersive online exercise method - me in your living room!

  • Designed for anyone who wants to get effective results and feel amazing no matter what time or physical restrictions.

  • It works by turning on deep local muscles that barely get used in the body to help strengthen from the inside out.

  • By using small and controlled movements we are contracting the muscles for a longer period of time, therefore gaining strength quickly.

  • It is low impact, non aggressive , but high burn.

  • Over 25 Stackable online workouts gives you flexibility. The workouts are effective whether you only have 10 minutes or longer.


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