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When my client @littlelondonwhispers asked me to come taste test a new vegan restaurant with her I  was ecstatic.  I feel like I haven’t found anywhere new or different in a while, especially when It comes to good vegan food.   We went for lunch at a newly opened restaurant called ‘Wulf and Lamb’ near Sloane Square.  Note that I call it a ‘restaurant’ as most vegan restaurants I usually go to are more of a cafe style.

We turned up outside this very modern, clean and almost brasserie-style place, which totally did not look stereotypically ‘vegan’.  We choose to sit upstairs as it was quieter and the tables were bigger, and generally it was lighter (essential for pictures).  Immediately we both noticed that the ambience was that of a very lovely, classy ‘non-vegan’ restaurant that you would maybe go for a client lunch, or birthday dinner.  I loved the fact that it wasn’t overcomplicated, it was minimal and the crowd in there were so varied.

The menu was easy to understand, as there weren’t a million options which made it easier to choose.  I also love the fact that the menu wasn’t trying too hard.  There were burgers, chillis and even a burrito, which I know would appeal to non-vegans.

We ordered 2 burgers (one seitan and one veg), mac and cheese and a mango noodle salad, a real mix match.  The burgers were incredible decadent, whilst still being down to earth and authentic, served with thick cut homemade wedges.  The spicy vegetable burger was my favourite out of the two.  The texture was spot on, firm but not dry and almost a ‘meaty’ feel.  I have to be honest and say that seitan is not my favourite thing to eat and I have really not enjoyed it in the past, but this burger was good, and that is saying a lot. The burgers were both served in a delectable brioche bun, smothered in vegan mayonnaise, and it was utterly mouthwatering.


The mango noodle salad was just superb.  It was light, fresh but packed with flavour and health.  Mango is one of my favourite fruits so I was always going to love this and would highly recommend if you want a light but flavourful lunch.

The star of the show was the mac and cheese.  Which I have to admit is extremely hard to get right when making it vegan.  I’m, not someone who is into vegan cheese as the real cheese was one of my favourite foods when I used to eat dairy, and the fake stuff rarely matches.  However, this dish was pure heaven.  Cheesy, creamy and rich, I could have eaten it over and over again.  My gosh just writing about it now is making me want more.


Overall I am highly impressed by Wulf and Lamb.  Their food is high class but with a feeling of comfort.  Its nourishing and satiating but also presented really well.

I have to say its one of those rare restaurants that vegans and non-vegans would equally love!

Click HERE for their website.

Love Georgie xx

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