Working on Yourself

As its the start of March I thought I would do a little post about how to start working on yourself in the lead up to summer.  Now by no means do I mean getting ‘bikini body ready’, there is so much more to take in t0 account when you want to feel good from the inside out.

FITNESS: This is a great starting point to change the way you look and to do something for yourself. That hour with your PT or in a class is YOURS and no one else’s.  Take that hour and use it to work on YOU!

MIND: However, fitness is only a small segment of what makes up our happiness.  Working on ourself could also be a mental thing.  I advised my client to have 10 minutes in the evening to do something for her.  Whether this is getting creative in the kitchen, doing a face mask or even 10 minutes of breathing.  Our minds are not designed to have this ongoing commentary we all have in our heads.  This is why stress levels are the highest they have ever been.

FOOD:  When I fuel my body to the max with nutrients I feel good.  It almost has a chemical effect on my brain.  As soon as I eat processed foods I’m tired and irritable.  Now thats not to say that you shouldn’t treat yourself, but you should really start making an effort with how you fuel your body. Cooking your own food, although is time consuming, is actually proven to be therapeutic.  You also know exactly whats in the food, making it better for our bodies and mind.  I assume that most of us are not putting ENOUGH of the essential vitamins and minerals into our bodies, we need MORE!

PEOPLE: So we have fitness, mind and food so far.  What else effects you from being the best version of yourself?  The People you surround yourself with.  Im a massive positivity sharer and the only people I want in my life are ones who can bounce off of that and give me happiness in return.  It’s like with animal packs, you have to be ruthless and get rid of the people that are bringing you down.  Its is ALWAYS quality over quantity.

SELF LOVE: The last but most important aspect.  This is totally different to doing things for yourself, its actually a skill that a lot of us are having to work hard to get good at.  Loving yourself is an art and only you can do it.  I first hand know how extremely tough it is to stop self criticising every little thing about myself.  Its draining for one but the scariest thing is it becomes us, a habit that is unrecognisable.  All of us do it so often that we don’t know we are doing it. MADNESS.

My advice for this is write down, as soon as you wake up, 3 things you love about yourself.  Sounds stupid I know and how is writing down bulletpoints going to change our mindset.  Well if we get scientific, when we have a repeating thought neurons in our brain are sent down the same pathway.  Imagine cows walking across a long gassed field. Everytime they walk, they are mowing down the grass and creating this well trodden track.  Now what we have to do is get the cows to go the OTHER WAY.  This means repeating a good thought, writing it down, saying it aloud enough times to tread down that track and let the other one grow out. Soon enough we are loving ourselves.


I hope this blog has motivated some of you to start your own journey and start working on yourself, because you deserve it.

Love Georgie xx