TRAVEL DIARIES – Sheraton Hotel Gran Canaria

My boyfriend and I do this thing where we leave booking holidays to the VERY last minute, always in the hope to find a cheap deal.  We leave it to the point where it gets super stressful, all the flights get booked up and we never learn.  However, even though we were planning on going skiing or to the Caribbean (plan B) and we left it too late, but we ended up finding an absolute gem of a holiday.

I have never been to Gran Canaria before but all I knew was the weather was meant to be amazing for the short haul flight.  Ill be honest I had my doubts, as Im the type of person who LOVES 30 degree heat.


When we arrived it reminded me a lot of Spain, the roads, buildings, and expanse of land, except when we got to our area.   Our hotel was in an area called Salobre, a tropical wonderland. It was just stunning and looked like somewhere you would have to fly hours to get too.  Our hotel was in a valley lined apartments and amazing luxury villas looking over a golf course.  For those of you who know me Ive been brought up having to walk round golf courses with my family (my dad is ex pro) so I actually find the view of a golf course very homely.

The Sheraton hotel was just beautiful.  As we walked into reception we saw a great grand staircase winding up through the centre of the room.  The decor was modern and colour scheme matched the outside red rocks perfectly.  Our room was amazing, the biggest bed.  A walk in shower and bath and great balcony where we could sit and watch the golfers.  The hotel was big, a whopping 5 pool areas, each with their own charm.  A fantastic spa with the most incredible infinity pool and oxygen room.  I could go on and on.

We planned to go surfing quite a lot, however the waves weren’t great and turns out we were the other side of the island to the surfing beaches.  So instead, we spent the holiday chilling and barely doing anything.  This is extremely hard for me, considering my last post being all about how I’m a fidget.  However, I’m glad I relaxed, my body needed a rest and I needed to listen to that.

Im coming back to the UK feeling refreshed and raring to go again with training my clients.  This is exactly how you should feel after a holiday!

Hope you enjoyed this post and if your looking to visit Gran Canaria then check out the Sheraton!

TravelGeorgie Spurling