The Retreat in Richmond

Richmond is a little pocket of heaven in London.  Its quintisentually british and quaint as can be.  The park is a huge expanse of wilderness with wild deer raoming around.  You honesly couldent feel further out of the city of you tried.  I love going for a walk in richmond on the weekends and then a nourishing lunch to warm up and get out of the cold.

There are many places to eat and drink in Richmond, The Ivy and even a wholefoods and many boutique style cafes you can grab a bowl of soup.  I stumbled across The Retreat on Instagram (where many of my findings happen) and instantly was attracted to it.  Owned by friends who gave up their lifes to run a cafe, you can be assured its authentic and friendly.   Its right on the river front so very easy to find even though its a very small cafe.

They are 100% vegan, which is great, but what really struck me as I read the menu was how comforting, hearty and homely their food was.  Its almost the type of food my mum would make me growing up after a cold winters day in the UK.  I think the best feature is that their kitchen was visible to us and was behind the counter.  An old school oven and stove tops above, it was just so simple and you instantly knew that your food would be cooked from scratch.

At first we orderd teas, which were fresh leaves (always a winner in my eyes).  After we decided to get the casehew and courgtte quiche, which came with various cold salads.  Secondly, a beetroot and hommus toast and a side of their mouthwateringly delicious smelling tofu canelloni.


The quiche was absolutely delicious.  It had the texture of a normal soft, melt in your mouth quiche.  The cashew part made is almost cheesy and certainly delectably creamy.  A winner all round.

You would have though hummus and beetroot bread is what it is but my goodness it was DIVINE.  The hummus was deffinately homemade and some of the best ive had.  So simple but seasoned and presented beautifully.

The star of the show had to be the canelloni.  I just LOVE pasta but rarely do I ever find a filled vegan pasta.  This was utterly dreamy, warming and so saciating! If you visit this place you MUST try it.

To finish off we shared a lovely lemon and baobab ball which just had the perfect flavour.  Im extremely fussy about energy balls as I tend to make my own with a softer texture, however this did not dissapoint and had the perfect level of kick to it!

All in all, The Retreat is deffinately worth a visit, and Richmond itself.  One of the most beautiful places in London and made even better by delicious vegan food.

Lots of Love

Georgie xx

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