The BIG Blondes In Black Launch!

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this!  Last night was just amazing and something I will remember for a long time.

Around a year ago I met a blogger called Goodness Guru (real name Isa Robinson).  We chatted for ages before deciding  very swiftly that we were going to be friends and business partners.  We started working out together.  I would train Isa and she would repay me with tasty treats and recipes.  We then had a wild idea that we should go and film some workout videos together for social media but we needed to make them stand out.  So, we decided to hit up London’s most iconic landmarks and film ourselves doing short workouts there.

We managed (don’t know how) to film in epic places such as the London Eye, One Exchange Roof Terrace, Kew Gardens Palm Greenhouse, Millennium Bridge, The serpentine, Marble Arch and even managed the escalators of a tube station!

We shortly realised that this was unlike any other workout class or any gym session we had ever done.  It was suddenly SO MUCH FUN, social and motivating. This is where the idea started.  We wanted to take this on and create something that everyone could be involved in and could feel that same exhilarating feeling we did when working out together.

BLONDES IN BLACK was an apt name seeing as we are both blonde and only ever wear black.  We decided that Blondes In Black was going to be the WHOLE PACKAGE.  It was about working out, being with your friends, eating great food and being ONE BIG PARTY.


Im am so incredibly grateful that we have been able to launch this in such a big way last night at Embargo Republica.  The night was called Pulse and Party and thats exactly what we did.  That unique energetic feeling we got when working out together we managed to recreate for 60 plus people and we all had a blast.  The atmosphere was buzzing and it was so great to see so many smiles across the room.  We followed the buzzing workout with some incredible food designed by Isa and her lovely friend Georgie and refuelled our bodies after the sweat fest that took place beforehand.


I want to thank everyone who came to support and help us officially launch Blondes In Black in style.  I hope to see you all at future events so keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram’s for upcoming news!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love Georgie xx