"SUMMER SHRED" (I HATE that term, lets call it SUMMER FEELS)

Okay, so its apparent from how incredibly busy I am as a PT right now that everyone wants to get "ready" for summer.  Although I wholeheartedly disagree that anyone is "unready" for summer or that we should be only "bikini body ready" for one season, I do understand the want to look and feel your best for the months where more skin is on show.  

Even myself, I like to feel great all year round, I eat well, workout and am in good shape all seasons, however, pre-summer I like to step up my game, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I have compiled a list of tips and hacks that you can do to FEEL your best not only this summer but all year round.


  1. WATER WATER AND MORE WATER - I know we all know about hydration but it is honestly the best thing you can do.  Being hydrated not only makes you feel more energetic but helps remove toxins from your body as well as satisfy your body more.


2. AVOID PROCESSED S**T - Again you may be thinking, obvious but a lot of people don't realise how many things are processed these days.  Basically, anything that is in a packet is processed.  Sticking to foods that are of the earth, natural and whole you cannot go wrong.



3.  DONT SUDDENLY INCREASE YOUR TRAINING - Controversial, I know.  Hear me out.  If we suddenly increase training or intensity overnight, our body will get stressed and our appetite will grow suddenly.  Stick to effective training, meaning that even if you only get to the gym 2/3 times a week then make sure you are doing something that is really going to give you results, burn those muscles.  If we stress our body out too much by training 5/6 times all of a sudden we may come to complete fatigue and have to take a week off.


4.  DO NOT DIET - Goes well with the above point.  Don't cut a food group, don't restrict, this ends in binging and probably eating the wrong kind of food.  Satisfy yourself, eat until you are full, but with the right kinds of food.


5.  LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - We all store a certain amount of toxins in our body, its normal.  But having a drainage massage can help to remove these toxins and make you feel flatter, less bloated and more confident.  Massage can also seriously help with cellulite and can give you smoother skin. (check out Flavia Costello on Instagram)

6.  WORK ON YOUR MENTAL HEALTH - We all live way too busy lives and need to learn how to slow down and take a minute to work on our mental health.  I've recently been taking 10 mins per day to sit and just be.  Sometimes I write a gratitude list, other times ill meditate.  It really doesn't matter what it is just let yourself slow down and give your brain a break.  This has honestly helped me internally and externally.

7. PILATES - Okay I know I'm biased because my method is highly influenced by pilates, but this is the best thing to do to start a body transformation.  Think of it strengthening you from the inside out.  You will never really get true results without proper form and to have that you need inner strength, which pilates gives you.  It's such a fantastic thing to mix into your life and will help the abs to pop too!



8. DONT OVERTHINK IT - Literally, don't stress, don't rush, take your time, make good choices and things will happen.


I hope this has helped some of you with getting started on the journey to feeling great about yourself and rocking that bikini with confidence!


Love Georgie x