Ive put off writing this post for a long time now. I went to St Lucia 2 months ago and coulden’t bring myself to write about it as unfortunately it ended in a very sad way. However, after looking through the pictures I took a few days ago, I wasn’t to remember the wonderful memories I made with my family on this incredible holiday.


A Week At The Body Holiday



We arrived at the Body Holiday resort late afternoon, after a long flight and then what seemed like a never ending windy car ride through the lush hills of St Lucia. Feeling very queasy and jet lagged I coulde’t wait to get into bed and get up the next morning to explore the resort.

The beds were absolutely dreamy and I was out as soon as I hit the pillow. The resort was bigger than I expected, but somehow still felt very intimate. Its advertised as a luxury adults only holiday where you can truly let go of any stress and worry.

The first thing my brother and I had to do was to get down to the private beach and go for a swim in the gorgeous sea (you all know by now I am a mermaid). The beach was just STUNNING, white sand, a light breeze and a clear blue sea, I was in paradise.


The breakfast buffet did not disappoint either. There were many MANY healthy options which I was very happy about, as well as your typical unhealthy pastries and fry up options, which my brother was very happy about. The food in general throughout the holiday was good. Always a vegan and healthy option, catering for everyone. We ate at the general buffet most nights and they changed the theme of the food each day which kept it interesting. However, I was most impressed by the lunchtime deli which served things like super food salads, ginger shots and raw energy balls (ecstatic georgie).


The Body Holiday is renowned for being a place that has incredible fitness options. There were classes running all day, including yoga, plates and meditation. It would be rude not to try some of these out. The yoga I truly enjoyed as I don’t tend to do this at home so trying something new was fun. I only go to the gym on holiday if I really feel like it. The gym here was fine, a little small but I was almost grateful for its anti climax as It put me off going too much. Instead I spent all my time on the water. Water skiing, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkelling, like I said, I AM a mermaid.



The spa was heavenly. A huge moroccan looking building situated at the top of the hill, overlooking the entire resort. As you walking up the grand steps you were entered into a large, beautiful courtyard which was bordered by many, many treatment rooms. The Body Holiday is a resort where you pay upfront for an all inclusive trip that includes food and a treatment of your choice daily. Having a daily massage is just something else. It allowed not only my body but my mind to wind down and chill. I was so grateful for this




The Body Holiday was a bubble of chill. It was just lovely and I would highly recommend. It felt almost like a health and fitness retreat, without the pressure of working out or eating what was chosen for you. It allowed my body to shut down and reset, but I got the freedom that you get on holiday, no time restraints, no pressures.




This holiday was such a blissful time. Unfortunately it ended in a heartbreaking way. My lovely Grandpa passed away. We got the call whilst on the beach and it was one of the worst moments of my life. My family is everything to me, we are such a tight unit and our grandpa was the head of our pack. We miss him every day and will always have him in our hearts.