Should women lift weights? (WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL)

Right.  How do I start?  Women and weights.  There is probably the biggest movement in fitness going on right now.  Telling women to lift more.  The scientific benefits are undeniable.  Its increases strength, mobility, burns calories over a longer period of time, speeds up fat loss and promotes bone density.  Yup, all great.

The thing is, we have got to this stage because the plain truth is muscle fights fat.  Therefore, the more muscle we have, ideally the less fat we will have.  Weights are the quickest way to build muscle.  Social media is blowing up with women posting inspirational weight lifting videos, or aspirational pictures of their perfectly carved bodies after a heavy lifting session.  We all want it, and if lifting is going to get us there quicker, then why the hell would we not give it a try?

Here is my argument.  (SIDE NOTE:  This blog post is aimed at heavy lifting FOR ME, not using lighter weights to get more of an effective session).  I must admit I am not the biggest fan of  (heavy) weight lifting, and I’m a personal trainer.  I see the benefits and fully understand that for some clients/ trainers this is the BEST way to get them to their goals.  However, it doesn’t always float my boat.   Before I delve deeper into this I just want to clear something up.  I am in no way saying weights are bad for you and before you ask NO THEY DO NOT MAKE YOU BULKY.

We are all unique.  Meaning that we all will eat differently, socialise differently, work differently and most of all our bodies will run differently.  Life is all about trying to find what works for you and trust me when you find something that does, you will never look back.  Having come from years of dancing I have always loved that heart racing, endorphin flowing feeling.  To me, there is nothing better.  Which is why I would never sacrifice a cardio session or an upbeat class for a weight lifting session.

Now having worked for a personal trainer for over 2 years I have been lucky enough to meet and learn from some of the best people in the industry.  A lot of them focus heavily on weights.  For a while now I have been adding weights sessions into my own training and trying to lift heavier and heavier, because that’s the goal isn’t it?   I tried my best to love it like all the girls I see on Instagram but the honest truth is I DONT, even know I see massive benefits.   SIDE NOTE: I love kettlebells, I love using light dumbells used within my training but in terms of heavy lifting, I DISLIKE!  I don’t like the way it strains my joints, how I don’t sweat as much, nor do I like how I feel afterward.  Instead of feeling on cloud 9 I feel low, and shaky.  I’m all for feeling euphoric after a session.

The way I see it is that women should workout to feel STRONG.  Also to reap all the other benefits or working out in general such as stamina, mental health, stress relief and confidence.  You know your body the best and you know what makes you feel your strongest.  Mine is definitely pilates plyometrics and the occasional light weights.  Yours may be a 2 rep max barbell squat. My point being is that exercise is NOT a trend, it should be added to your life for enhancement, therefore you should workout the way that you enjoy most.  Theres no need to pressurise and force yourself into something that isnt necassarily for you.


So the message of this post is to not get swayed by all the women you see on Instagram.  Instead, find what makes you FEEL good. Whether it’s spinning, yoga, pilates, dance or Olympic lifting.  We are all different and we should never follow trends for the sake of it.  If any of you want to email me in regards to the style of training I teach then feel free (

Some of my favorite ways to work out are:

  • My own long and lean method (resistance band heavy)
  • Kobox
  • Reformer Pilates
  • Paolas BodyBarre
  • Un1T
  • Barry’s Bootcamp
  • Skipping
  • Sprints
  • HIIT
  • Kettlebells

Hope you enjoyed this,

Love Georgie xxx