Post Christmas Positivity

Hey Everyone

Merry Christmas!

Im so so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.  Ive been having huge technical difficulties, and technology is NOT one of my strengths.  However, I’m back with a BANG!  Blogging has become a priority to me and will be throughout the new year.

I hope you all had a wonderful ay yesterday, indulging and spending quality time with your loved ones.  Thats my favourite part of christmas, the fact that all your family are in the same place together.  I had the happiest day.

After christmas you can’t deny the atmosphere changes.  Everyone starts to mellow out and the spirit slowly dies.  It can be a difficult time for some of us, as the daunting new year approaches and we all have to think about going back to work.  I have learnt over the years how to avoid this thought pattern and focus on the positives.


After christmas is basically my new start.  I know this should be New Years Eve but I tend to start planning after christmas.  Instead of feeling down about the daunting month that is January, I make myself write down positive things that I have achieved this year and new goals I am setting myself.  Writing your achievements down is something I have learnt actually through a therapy practice called NLP.  Im no expert but this is basically training your mind to praise yourself verbally or physically writing it down, in order to deep root it into your daily thoughts.  It honestly works!  Saying positive reinforcements out loud sounds silly but actually has a lot of scientific research behind it to prove it is the best way of changing our neuropathways.  So on boxing day, I sit down with a notepad and write down all the amazing things that have happened to me throughout the year and all the achievements that I can remember.  Next to this I write down my goals for the next year.  Usually, New Years Resolutions involve focussing on changing bad happens.  I don’t like to focus on bad habits and instead focus on things I want and how I want to spend the next year.  For example, this year one of my goals is to continue blogging about lifestyle as well as recipe ideas and fitness inspiration.

One very important post christmas ritual I also practice is NOT dwelling on the indulgence.  Easier said than done I know.  Its very very easy to beat ourselves up about eating too much and drinking ourselves into states, but I have taught myself not to do this.  By not dwelling I actually become more productive, instead of thinking how bloated I am, I get back in that gym and make a big green smoothie.  This is not because I feel I need to reverse all the fun I had, but it makes me feel so much better and forget all the indulgence.  If you struggle with this I would say to yourself a couple of days of pigging out is not going to effect you in any way, shape or form.  Most importantly, getting back on a health kick means that you completely forget about all the food and drink.

Finally, having these spells of enjoyment and ‘letting go’ actually gives us more motivation to be healthy for a couple of weeks.  I know it sounds strange but If we lived on this constant healthy diet and lifestyle and are extremely strict with ourselves we are more likely to spiral out of control.  Its the same for your thought process.  If you don’t allow and accept when you are feeling down and just fake a happiness all the time, you are more likely to crash.  We have to roll with the highs and lows and accept the fact that one straight line isn’t the best way of living.  Its how you pick yourself up that counts.

I hope this puts you all in a positive mindset for the new year and I’m looking forward to writing more!

Love Georgie xx

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