Positive, Productive and Persevering – ‘How to FEEL Successful’

There is such a danger in the word ‘achiever’.   It is a word loaded with hidden pressure.  It almost sets us up for failure.  I mean its good to have goals, reach them and succeed but when this doesn’t happen we immediately label ourselves as a failure.

There is also a massive difference between actually succeeding and mentally succeeding.  We don’t always reach the targets we wrote down, but did we learn something valuable on the way?

The world that we live in is already packed with pressure.  From social media to the programs we watch on TV and our peers.  It has become our biggest anxiety.  I’m in no WAY talking down about social media, I really believe it can grow someone’s passion and help a lot of people through struggles.   Social media has allowed us to be creative and for more people to become entrepreneurial geniuses!  However, does seeing other people succeed then set the bar higher for ourselves?

I have learned the hard way.  Having come from a world of anxiety, illness and self-pressure I have learned to flip my mindset around. Now when I set goals or targets, instead of beating myself up when I don’t achieve I use the 3 ‘P’s’ to make sure that I’m doing all that I can in order to succeed, but if it doesn’t happen I feel proud that I’ve done the 3 ‘P’s’, and achieved my mental list, and I know Ive done my absolute best. I also find that if I apply these three methods I am more likely to achieve, without putting excess pressure on myself.

  •  POSITIVE – This word is thrown around quite a lot and is completely overused.  However, its the one word that I repeat to myself daily.  Positive does NOT necessarily mean happiness.  There is such a huge difference and I feel the two can easily be overlapped.  Someone can ‘act’ being happy quite easily, or put on a front that is all smiles.  Truley being positive is about the way you look at life not the way you come across to other people.  If you ever find yourself in a tricky situation it’s being able to filter out any good things that come with it.  It’s finding that hidden lovely quality in someone you don’t instantly click with, or giving a mediocre restaurant another try.  Most importantly it’s about not focussing on the negatives.
  • PRODUCTIVE – This again is a word that can also be used in the wrong way.  Being productive does not mean you have to go go go all the time and be pushing yourself further.   Instead look as productivity as working hard at what you’re passionate about.  When you find something you love and makes you happy, it’s sticking with it and planning how to move it forward in future.  My dad used to say to me all the time when I was growing up “It doesn’t matter what you end up doing, as long as you are happy”.  I know a lot of parents say that but why don’t more of us live by it?  Happiness and feeling content with yourself is the number one priority for life.  Yes a lot of us don’t enjoy parts of our jobs, and that’s normal, but make sure your in an industry you feel you can excel at .   Therefore making you more productive.
  • PERSEVERING – Several people used to say I was Tenacious, and I used to take it as a criticism.  Now I take it as one of the nicest comments.  Being able to push until you succeed at something is a valuable trait.  Even if it’s seeing a project out, or sticking by a friend in need is one of the best qualities you can have as a person.  When you set your mind on something, it’s finding a way to achieve it, and if it fails, finding a different way.  I would whole- heartedly recommend using this word on yourself.  Don’t give up on yourself, your dreams or the people you love.  Find a new self-care routine and stick to it, be strict with your rest times and make sure to keep loving yourself.  I know this should be easy but for most of us it’s not and loving ourself can actually be almost impossible.  I have decided this year that I am going to persevere about feeling great about myself.  The more you reinforce self-care in your own brain, the more it will work.

I hope that this blog post has helped some of you take the pressure off ‘goal setting’ and focus more on your efforts, rather than the end goal.

Love Georgie xxx