Oxygen Jungle Villas

I was lucky enough to be invited along on the trip of a lifetime!  To film travel diaries for Sophie Stanbury and Adela King.  As soon as we landed I fell in love with Costa Rica.  The beautiful green landscape and the hit of heat that my body needed after a cold winter in the UK.  It was a tropical paradise.

Although the drive to the hotel was a painful 5 hours long, the hotel completely made up for it.  After a steep and rocky drive up the mountain, you approach the breathtaking reception at Oxygen Jungle Villas.  We were greeted by the friendliest smiles and the most stunning view.  Over the infinity pool was a carpet of the jungle and in the distance the glimmering sea.  I felt quite literally on top of the world.


The hotel is a unique design.  Glass boxes scattered across the jungle land and berried beneath the plants.  Extremely open and light and very modern.  I loved how the glass boxes let in so much of the outside, it was like you were literally living in the jungle.

The restaurant was intimate but let me tell you, the food was something else!  I LOVE fresh fruit when I’m away and for lunch, they offered the most delicious salads and dips.  Dinner was healthy but satisfying and I got addicted to the pesto vegetable skewers (must try!).  As you sat eating your meals you could look over the infinity pool into the jungle hills, so peaceful.


The hotel has a lot of grounds which needed to be explored the first day we got there.  Walking through the jungle on a rough track down to the most beautiful waterfall was magical.  Its almost as if I could breathe again, as living in London is fun but suffocating.   Hiking down little paths to find different waterfalls was one of the highlights this hotel had to offer.

Although the hotel is up a very rocky path its only 10 mins away from the beach.  If you know me, beaches are my LIFE, my happy place.

All in all Oxygen Villas was incredible.  A place to explore, relax and breathe….maybe that’s why they called it Oxygen!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, go check out their website here:


Love Georgie xxx