My In-Flight Essentials

If you have read my previous post 'Love to travel, but hate the journey', then you will be fully aware of how hard I find flying.  Not because I'm scared or hate the seats, but because I suffer from a severe case of boredom!

Therefore, overpacking must happen so I have plenty to play with mid-flight.  I also cannot stand getting off a flight and feeling like you have been hit by a bus and your skin has been through hell.  So, here are all the items I take on board with me on long haul flight, to ease the boredom and to make sure I don't dry out!


Skincare / Beauty

I take one large (ish) makeup bag full of skincare.  I honestly feel, apart from snacks, that this is the most important thing to remember in your hand luggage.  All of these items are now in my shop so you can purchase there!

I take 2 masks.  One exfoliating (Rodial Super Rush Peel) and one Hydrating (Pixi Rose Flash Balm).  My theory, having worked in skincare for many years, is that you need to clean/exfoliate the dead skin/ dirt off your face, before flooding back in the moisture.  So I use one after the other to give myself the full treatment!

Also on the topic of skincare, I take a glow/refresher mist that I spray every couple of hours to just wake up my skin and keep it nourished.

I wouldn't go anywhere without a mini perfume.  Planes stink, end of.

Finally, I take my trusty sleep stick (Scentered Deep Sleep).  This is honestly a LIFESAVER when you are anxious on a plane, can't sleep, and then get more anxious about not sleeping. 



Internal Beauty

The MOST important thing to do on a flight is DRINK.  Water, not alcohol.  You need to keep hydrated at all times.  Not just because a plane is drying, but water helps prevent bloating, headaches and helps with jet lag.

I also take on some Multivitamins which I feel help if you haven't been able to eat very healthily.  I also take my Pukka Ashwagandha tablets which seriously help with chilling yourself out.  Lastly, aspirin, cause you never know if you are going to get a headache!



Food and Drink

You can NEVER take too much food on a plane.  Plane food is honestly the WORST and you would have to pay me a lot of money to go near it.  I take fruit, bars, crackers and more, and I don't share with ANYONE.

Another tip of mine is to always take your own tea bags.  They tend to have a very limited selection of teas on board and I cant go a day without a Pukka Tea.



So there we have it, all my flight essentials.  I hope you take some inspiration from this for your next trip.  Most of the products are in my SHOP, so go check it out.

Happy Holidays!