Oh Mykonos, I bloody love you. Returning to this island filled me with such joy I cannot tell you, and apart from it being super expensive, I can’t fault it.

Emily Hartridge and I jetted off to stay at Kouros Hotel for the week. Located on the hills just above Mykonos town.


6 days in Mykonos



Arriving to Gatwick VERY early in the morning is actually my ideal way to travel. I don’t want to waste the daytime in the sky and I coulde’t wait to get myself into the Greek sun. Kouros hotels was only about a 10 minute drive from the airport so in a flash we were in our bikinis and on the sunbeds (there was a lot of that this holiday). That evening we decided to wander our tired souls down the town and eat at a restaurant Emily loved and I had never been to. D’Angelos is brilliant, serving healthy and unhealthy italian food, and set nestled behind the infamous windmills. After a quick dinner we were back in bed by 9am and fell asleep on what was one of the most comfiest beds I have ever slept on.


I had a LIE IN! Now for anyone who knows me, this is not normal, but it felt so good. We woke up to the beautiful view of the ocean from our lovely room and slowly meandered our way down the stoney steps to breakfast. I think now is the time to note how much I love fruit abroad. There is something about fruit that’s not in the UK that tastes so much better. We spent most of sunday on our sunbeams, barley moving, and trying to get as tanned as we possibly could. For dinner this night one of my favourites Avla restaurant. Oh this place is magical, with a flowery walk way leading you down to a open courtyard where you sat below heaps of plants and flowers to eat. The vegetable curry here is INSANE (emily will vouch for this).

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 17.57.17.png


Quadbike day! This morning we rented our trusty quadbike which was to be ours for the next 4 days of the holiday. As soon as we got the keys we were off to explore some local beaches. Kapari wads our first stop and it did not disappoint, although the VERY bumpy track to get to it was kind of painful. The beach was super quiet and nestled away and we spent the day swimming in the ocean and listening to podcasts on the sand.



14.05.19 - 15.05.19

Unfortunately I don’t have much to say about these two days as the weather was super cloudy and we spent the entire first day in bed watching movies and eating at Bowl (highly recommend by the way). The second day well, lets call that a fail. True brits thinking it coulde’t be that cold, set off to a far away beach to both end up shivering and grumpy.



Determined to get up when the sun got up and stay in it for as long as we possibly could, we set out to our favourite beach Kapari. Here we spent the morning in the sand. Emily listening to her crime case files and me listening to Rhitrition podcasts (creatures of habit). We came back for our usual lunch of crackers, avocado and hummus before spending the rest of the afternoon by the Kouros Hotel pool listening to more podcasts. As tonight was our last night we ventured to Scorpios, one of my favourite places in the world, purely for its view and food. We watched the sunset with some drinks and then had the most delicious dinner with some hummus that will never leave my mind. It was the perfect way to end a great trip.


Very sad to be leaving but also determined to get as much sun as we possibly could, we returned to the pool, coffees in hand and lay there getting the last bit of relaxation we could. Thank you Kouros for being such a wonderful hotel.


A little tip if you are going to Mykonos and don’t want to have to break the bank in order to eat out every meal. There is a supermarket near the airport which I remember from years ago called Flora. Its almost like a waitrose/wholefoods/planet organic and it has a DJ! If you like to eat healthily check it out here because its AMAZING.

Secondly, eating on the front of the harbour is overrated. There are loads of tucked away restaurants in back streets that are so much nicer:

  • Avra

  • D’Angelos

  • M-eating

  • Scorpios

  • Bowl

  • Nikolas Tavern

I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any recommendations for Mykonos I would love to know.

Love G xx