Love to Travel, Hate the Journey

The Summer season is fast approaching and I have got the travel bug.  This year I want to explore, discover and immerse myself in many more different cultures.  I’m one of these people who is fascinated how other countries live and run and count myself super lucky that I can travel as much as I do.

There is one problem, I HATE flying.  Firstly I cant sit still for more than 10 minutes usually, so you can image how much of a fidget I am on a long haul flight.  Im like one of those annoying people who have to get up to use the toilet every 30 mins.  ( Sorry if you have ever sat next to me on a flight). Being agitated then makes me anxious which leads to absolutely ZERO sleep.  The one time I tried a sleeping pill was on a flight to America with a friend when we were 18.  I popped half a pill thinking it would be the answer.  It was, I was knocked out for 10 plus hours.  Until my friend couldn’t wake me up once we had landed and had to get the air hostess to help me get off the plane! HA! At least we laugh about it now.

Yes so love to travel, hate to fly.  Over the years I have learnt a few things that I do to deal with my stressed flying state.  Bare in mind these work for me, make not work for you but give them a go if your bridget the fidget like me.


1. Make sure you have a comfy pillow.

Sounds really simple but I have one of those squidgy neck pillows and it helps.  We tend to hold all of our stress in our neck and shoulders.  Having one of these pillows takes a little tension off the neck meaning I’m in a much more relaxed body position.

2. Water.

Again another one thats common sense but being hydrated its just the worst.  Planes dry you out like nothing else so you need to neck down that water.

3.  Bring snacks.

Being hungry and not being able to do anything about it probably angers me more than anything else.  I HATE plane food with the passion and just the thought of it makes me want to hurl so i always prepare in advance.  There is usually a cafe or shop at the departure lounge so I stock up on healthy treats so I can keep munching throughout the flight.

4. Be productive.

I have found that writing myself a little plane schedule makes the journey go faster.  I set myself a time do work, write, wait videos and plan my life.  Surprisingly it takes a lot of time.

5. Mindfullness.

The headspace app is an absolute life saver for anxiety.  As soon as I turn it on Im relaxed and instead of focussing on how bored I am, I’m totally into the meditation.  I also have the mindfulness colouring books as I’m a big kid!

6. Change your attitude.

As soon as you stop thinking and worrying about how long this is going to be and turn it round to thinking that this is time for yourself, you will feel better.  With my job I barely get anytime just to myself to reflect, not complaining, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I try view any long period of time on my own as a positive.  Reflect on what you have achieved, what you could improve on and plan for the future.

I hope these tips help all you agitated people out there and help you to enjoy travelling even more!

TravelGeorgie Spurling