London Dirty Vegan Eats – Picky Wops

So Im starting off this new series (Dirty Vegan Eats) with a new find in London.  As many of you may or may not know that for me Vegan restaurants can be really good but can also be really bad.  Im on the hunt to find dirty vegan food that is great when you just need some comfort food and carbs after a long day.

Picky Wops:

 This little gem is slightly off the beaten track and found in an unassuming shopping centre on North End Road.    At first, i’ll be completely honest, I thought it was TINY, as in too small to seat more than 6, but later realised that was the whole charm of it.  I was greeted in the intimate setting by what I assumed to be one of the owners Andrea , he had a huge grin on his face and welcomed me to his baby ‘Picky Wops’, I was already happy.


He sat me at the bar, where I had the best view of the pizza oven, theres something about watching your food being made that makes it that much better.   I felt like I was at my own private little restaurant, which is the charm of such a small place.  I was given a menu and here is where the real magic happened.  Ive had vegan pizza before, its hard to get right.  The cheese is either super realistic or pretty awful.  However, no vegan pizza I had had before had ever come close to taste / texture of a real pizza that I used to eat regularly before going Plantbased.  The interesting thing about Picky Wops is that you can choose your crust.  Hemp, Spirilina, turmeric, burnt wheat, multigrain and a few more  options.  Adding superfoods to a pizza crust was definitely a unique concept.  Andrea explained that the flower they use was number ‘0’ , better for you than any other flour including wholemeal.  Obviously very excited to try I peered at the extensive menu and made my choice.


I chose the Vegan Victory (Mozzarella and veg) on a burnt wheat crust, where as my boyfriend went for the Vegan Temptations (a green medley with almond ricotta) on a multigrain base.  The pizzas came rapidly and my gosh did they smell good.  The small room was filled with the scent of freshly baked dough, enticing you from the word go.

Verdict: AMAZING! By far the best vegan pizza I have ever tried.  Not pretentious, very authentic and bloody delicious.  The ‘mozzarella’ was scarily like the real stuff and the vegetables were seasoned to perfection.  The best bit..THE GLORIOUS CRUST.  Think Franco Manca freshness with added superfood texture and taste.  Just glorious.

I urge you all to go and experience this at least once, its totally different to anywhere else in London and they have nailed the real hearty Italian pizza taste whilst adding a healthy twist.


Find them on Instagram HERE!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know where you want me to explore next!

Love Georgie xxx