January Favourites

January is coming to an END..YAAAAY!  I hate to sound like a Negative Nancy but I do love it when January is over, its been way to cold and I’m looking forward to some somewhat warmer temperatures.  I thought I would sum up my favourites this month as they are quite different to other months.  Less fitness and food and much more lifestyle and beauty.

1. Urban Veda Body Products – Most importantly this brand is kind to the planet and doesn’t test on animals.  Although I’m no longer Vegan or am I an extremist I still care and don’t want to buy anything thats harming animals.  Secondly they smell absolutely INCREDIBLE.  What is so interesting about this company is they brand their products using Ayurveda, which is an ancient tradition connecting our body to our minds.  They call the three different types Doshas which express everything about us from our skin type and physical characteristics, to our health and personality traits.  You can read through the 3 different options and pick which one best suits you.  At the end of the day everyone is so different and I love how they offer some kind of variety and personable service.


2. ‘Spice Health Heros’ book by Natasha Macaller – This book is literally amazing.  I was lucky enough to be given this from a client for christmas and I have been entranced in it ever since.  This is no ordinary spice book.  Not only does it give you amazing recipes using a variety of spices and teaching you how to use them, but it tells you medicinally all about the spices. For example which ones are healing, which are good for digestion, anti-inflammatory and so on.  Im fascinated!!

3. Potion London Supplements – Okay so this isn’t really a month favourite because I have been using them for several months but I absolutely love them.  Again I love how they have made it really easy to choose the right product for you.  My favourite is the Hyaluronic Complex as its meant to help your joints and coming from a dancing background means Im aware of shocking my joints too much when I exercise.  They have also made my skin glow more than ever before.

4. J. F. Rabbits Veg Water –  These are a fairly new addition to my diet but Im already obsessed.  Dont get me wrong I love drinking plain water but sometimes you want something a little different.  A few posts ago I wrote about how I have changed my diet and how Im starting to cut down (not cut out) on carbohydrates and sugars.  These waters are fantastic because they are pure, tasty and contain hardly any sugar.  My favourite is the beetroot which sounds odd but trust me its great and they are coming to Wholefoods really soon!

5. Charlotte Tilberry’s Multi Miracle Glow – My god this is DREAMY.  A multipurpose product but the best for when your skin is tried, dehydrated or you just want to pamper yourself.  This stuff is so luxury I can’t tell you, its beautiful.  My favourite way to use it is as a mask.  Leave it on for 10-15 mins to give your skin a boost.  Its enriched with organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, a pure, natural oil that stimulates micro-circulation and enhances epidermal renewal for refreshed and smoother complexion.  BLOODY LOVE THE STUFF.

Hope you have all enjoyed this post and I would love to know your January Favourites in the comments or on my Instagram.

Love Georgie


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