How to REALLY get fit in the New Year – My Secrets

“New Year, New me”, how often do you hear this being thrown around?.    Are you a culprit of saying this to yourself every single year, in the hope that this would be the year you get fit and get the body you have always wanted?.  Only to fail in February and resort back to bad habits.  I’ve been there, many times, but now I have found a sustainable way of getting myself ‘back on track’ after the festive period and I’m going to share with you all my secrets now.


This is by far the most important tip you must take onboard.  We all overindulge in the festive period, and that is totally okay.  Christmas is a time for love, family and eating socially.  I also view it as a time for rest a recuperation.  I let my body relax after a year of working hard.  However, this can then lead to me feeling a little lazy and fluffy around the edges when I come back to life in January.  Well, let me tell you, a couple of weeks of stuffing your face will not make that much difference.  In actual fact its good for you.  You are mentally letting go of rules, restraints, and restrictions and just having that mental switch off, WHICH IS VITAL.  Resting also can help our muscles recover and strengthen, so in actual fact having a period of doing nothing can benefit your body goals greatly.


The temptation is to get back to work January 2nd and go mental that week by going to the gym twice a day and absolutely killing yourself.  I’ve been there, and the only thing that does is cause a huge burnout.  Exhaustion hits hard and then we are unable to keep up the consistency in the next few weeks.  After a period of rest, you need to build up slowly.  Start with some gentle classes or shorter gym sessions to get yourself moving again.  Slow and Steady wins the race.


Leading on from the last point of taking things slowly. Exercise is a lifestyle, NOT a quick fix.  I can guarantee you as a Personal trainer, quick fixes NEVER EVER work.  If your mentality is to ‘lose 2kg in one week’ or something ridiculous like that, then you will never sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Although I am not a fan of New Years Resolutions I think that if you do want to get fit and healthy in 2018 then you need to see it as a long-term goal.  Say to yourself this is the year I’m going to get myself into a really good routine and start integrating EFFECTIVE exercise into my life and eating to fuel my body.  These silly short term, unrealistic goals need to go.


NEVER weigh yourself, EVER.  So this isn’t as much a New Year tip, it’s a life tip.  Just ditch the digits and go by feel and clothes.  Honestly, numbers mean nothing.  Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore when you are fitter you will weigh more, even though you may drop a size or two.  If you look at super lean athletes, like sprinters, they always weigh much more than they look because they are full of muscle.  If you absolutely need something solid to measure your progress with then takes your measurements with a tape measure.


Exercise and food are an integral part of our life.  They are there to be enjoyed, they are not a punishment.  Never drill yourself into the ground with exercise.  Do a workout, class or sport that you actually enjoy.  This is the main thing that I changed and I actually started seeing results.  I ditched the workouts I hated but thought were good for me, and only spent my time doing exercise that agrees with me, and I have never looked or felt so fit in my life.  Secondly, food is one of life’s joys.  You do not have to cut out anything.  The main piece of advice I give my clients is to take out processed food.  Eat from the earth, whole foods and lots of plants.  If you want a brownie, make your own with natural ingredients.  If you want chips, cut your own potatoes and bake them. You cannot go wrong if you are eating with only wholefood, unprocessed ingredients.

Now some of you may have clicked on this post thinking I was going to share some miracle cure, and you’re just going to have to trust me that these 5 things WORK.  Not only do they work, they are for life.  If you take on these tips this will become your lifestyle, and with it comes looking GREAT and feeling FANTASTIC.


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