How To Become More Plant Based Easily

Having been mostly plant-based for 7 years, I have definitely experimented and gone through many stages of my journey.  I don't usually like to put a label on the way I eat, however, I want to show that you can introduce more plants into your life without it being super hard.  It isn't a black and white situation, it's a slow personal journey to do your bit for the animals and planet.  Whether that's just having one meat-free day a week or remembering to reuse your shopping bags.  Every little bit counts, so just start with one.

Anyway, I have some tips on how to make plant-based easy, and here they are:


  1. USE REPLACEMENTS - Don't just cut out everything that's animal-based and expect to feel okay.  You need to make it as easy as possible so you're more likely to stick to that 1,2 or week of plant-based living.  Swap milk for oat or almond milk, cheese for vegan cheese and meat for vegan meat.  My favourite burgers at the moment are Strong Roots beetroot burgers.  Yes, they are made of just vegetables but the texture is meaty and between a burger bun will blow your mind.



2.  DONT BE ANTISOCIAL - If you are going out for a meal or going for dinner at friends be prepared.  The last thing you want is to restrict yourself from eating anything at all because you have cut down on animal-based products.    As its BBQ season bring a Strong Roots burger to your friend' house and put it on the BBQ so you don't feel like the odd one out.  When in a restaurant be demanding and ask the waiter to adapt the menu, don't just stick to a side salad, who wants that?

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3. MAKE IT EASY/ QUICK - Being plant-based doesn't mean slaving away for hours in the kitchen concocting a beautiful meal.  You can get everything you need very quickly.  Again Strong Roots being my favourite company, they sell frozen healthy food that you can just whack in the oven for 20 mins and you are done.  Their sweet potato fries and roasted beetroot are my favorites.  Don't over complicate it, use easy rice, pasta, marinated tofu and shop bought falafels, just to name a few.

Strong Roots Beetroot Wedges 

Strong Roots Beetroot Wedges 


4. DONT BE STRICT - We all know the healthiest way to eat is non-processed whole foods, however, treating yourself means your much likelier to enjoy your new focus on plants.  There is a danger that we get wrapped up in clean eating when actually we really need to sometimes feed our soul.  There are so many good vegan chocolate products out there, or even make your own baked goods at home.


5. AVOID LABELLING YOURSELF -  This is a tricky one as some people are very proud 'vegans' and are very happy to state that.  For me, I would never claim I was Vegan because I want the flexibility.  I am passionate about our planet and more so about animal welfare, however, I will never be 100% vegan.  Why?  Because never say never, and I think restriction can be dangerous to our mental health.  I eat what I want when I want it.



I hope this not only inspires you to make some more plant-based choices, and also reassures some of you that it doesn't have to be hard!

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Love Georgie x


Georgie Spurling