We all go on career journeys, we are constantly learning in life so it natural to change direction, opinions and the way we do things.

When I first started Fitness Coaching ill be honest, I got swept up in the Instagram trends. How can you blame me, you have to take inspiration from others to develop what your style is, to extinguish what you like and don’t like. I went down the cardio bunny route first, followed the interval cardio workouts online, and bounced around like a manic using plyometrics. This was fun, but as you all know, it made me exhausted and I didn’t find it creative enough.

When I started working for a gym in Chelsea I got taught the art of weight training. It functional, technical and got results. However, I knew it wasn’t for me, I wasn’t helping people in the way that I knew I could, and personally I hated training that way, so it felt weird teaching a style that I didn’t do myself.


Coming from a background of dance, and then going through a tough illness has made me really in tune with the way my body works, whether I listened to that or not. I started to train high profile clients and also busy corporate clients. Then I noticed how each person was so incredibly unique in the way they moved, held themselves and expressed themselves. I wanted to help my clients feel their best, and I knew that would mean different things for different people. Some were in majorly high stress jobs and others were under the pressure of the public eye, both desperately needing a period of relief with me. So I started to study my clients and work on areas of their bodies that were weaker or misaligned and the result was they started to release emotion. Treating the body with bespoke respect meant that they let go of pent up emotions, which in turn changed their day to day life.

Whilst I was having this work revelation , I decided to also experiment with myself. I decided to cut cardio, scrap the weight training and go back to my pilates and barre roots. Long story short the results were nothing short of amazing. I felt INSANE, my body has never responded so well and when I exercise I feel calm and happy, as I took the stress on my body down so much. Through doing that transition myself I have now applied that to my training of clients.


I get asked many questions on how I train my clients, or what my style is. The answer is that it is different with every client. I now work in quality not quantity kind of way, I have very little clients, but I dedicate my time to them and i’m invested in helping them use movement as a life tool. My focus is now on how the movement makes you feel, then aesthetics follow. I don’t work with anyone who wants a quick fix, its never a long term solution. I have now had clients who have stuck with me for over 4 years as they see training as a part of their life routine, they would be lost without it.

I am shortly going to br bringing out my GS METHOD guide, which is going to showcase to you some of the movement I have been teaching clients over the years. Nothing can be as personal as a 1-1 session, but my aim is that my video guides will give you an insight into a different style of training that not only works but makes you feel the best you have ever felt.