Exercises you NEED this summer

How lucky have we been in the UK with the weather these last few weeks?  Sun has been consistently shining, meaning that everyone’s mood has lifted greatly.  We are also fully in the holiday season, my clients have been jetting off here there and everywhere, and I have also been on a few trips away myself.

We are all stepping up our exercise, eating slightly healthier in order to feel our best on holiday.  However, a question I regularly get asked is how can I prevent loosing all my fitness on holiday?  How do I not pile on the pounds but still let myself have a good time?

Although I’m a huge believer in holidays being for relaxing, resting and recuperating there are a few exercises we can do to help maintain all our hard work, without slogging away in a gym and working ourselves too hard.  Here are my favourite ways to maintain my fitness levels on holiday:

1.   Walking – I know this sounds obvious but on holiday we are all guilty of lying down on a sun bed all day.  Which is totally fine but every hour or so go for a little wander.  Move your legs, walk with a purpose and keep active.  Swimming also counts as gentle exercise so go in the pool and kick your legs around for 5 minutes.  It sounds like nothing but ever little counts.

2.   Rise and Squat – Something I like to do when I know I’m not going to get to workout for a long period of time is set myself little morning goals.  Squats are one of the best all body exercises and can be performed at different difficulty levels, so easy to step the intensity up each day.  I start with 50 squats as soon as I wake up.  It gets me moving, wakes me up and starts the day off in the best way.  Each morning Ill step this up a gear by either, increasing the number of squats, changing to jumping squats or adding a burpee after every rep if I’m feeling extra cocky.

3.  Long and Lean – Okay I may be biased because this is my own method but I take a resistance band EVERYWHERE with me.  It is literally the best thing you can take on holiday.  These bands of glory can be used anywhere and everywhere and provide your muscles with some kind of resistance without having to lift weights.  I usually find myself on the beach doing a 20-minute session and it’s enough to cause a big burn and work up a sweat.


4.  Plyometrics – This style of working out is your best friend on holiday.  The quickest and most effective way to burn fat without any equipment.  10 minutes is enough to get your heart pumping and your body sweating buckets (especially when done in the heat).  I like to create my own circuit with 4-5 exercises and repeat them 4 times and trust me you will be hurting.

Here’s an example:

  • Mountain Climbers – 45 seconds
  • Narrow to wide squat jumps – 45 seconds
  • Chest to floor burpees – 45 seconds
  • Plank foot taps – 45 seconds

Have a 15-second break between each move and a 30-second break between each set.  You don’t have to use these exercises, plyometrics is a very broad term but is simply meant exploding off the floor in some way using your own bodyweight, so get creative.

5.  Gym – Like I said I don’t really go to the gym on holiday, our bodies need a break just as much as our minds do switching off from work.  It’s actually extremely beneficial to let our bodies relax, repair and reconfigure.  However, if the gym at the hotel is beaut I may go for half an hour or so.  My advice would be not to focus on one body part but do an all over body workout.  I love picking up a kettle bell and doing a circuit using that.  Too much equipment gets too stressful so just stick to one and work the whole body.

For Example:

  • Kettle bell Swings
  • Bent over Kettlebell Rows
  • Goblet Squats
  • Kettle bell mountain climbers

Keep it easy, quick and fast paced to get you energised.


That’s all my advice for maintaining on holiday.  I really want to stress that holidays are for relaxing, letting yourself go and just doing whatever you feel like.  When it comes to food I keep it relatively healthy but I don’t deprive myself of anything I fancy.  The main thing is to rest your mind and body and don’t think about it too much so you’re ready to nail it as soon as you get back.

Hope you enjoyed this post,

Love Georgie xxx