Ducking into a new trend (my experience at Duck and Dry)

Calling all girls with flat, fine hair!  Yes I am one of them, oh how I wish I had a mane like some of the girls on Instagram.  I guess everyone wants what they don’t have.

Theres a new trend in London, well its been around for ages but only just got popular, getting your hair blow-dried.  I was lucky enough to be invited to try out Duck and Dry’s new salon just off oxford street.

Ill be honest, yes I was extremely excited about having bouncy hair but I thought in future it would be way to expensive for not very long lasting results.  I was wrong.

Walking into the salon was an experience in itself.  Just tucked away from the busy oxford street you find this cool looking grey building was a striking streak of blue down the side.  They definitely know how to catch your eye.  As you walk up the stars you enter into almost a magical kingdom. Instantly the stress of oxford street had disappeared.


There was a gorgeous hanging chair in the corner which is what caught my eye first (perfect for an insta pic).  You gaze down the spacious long room lined with glowing mirrors.  It’s honestly magical.  Lets be real, a pretty salon makes you want to go back even more.


I first got my hair washed, always my favourite part as there is nothing better than a good head massage.  Next my stylist (Lucas Reymond) roughly blowdried the hair before adding rollers to the top and used a curling iron on the bottom layers.  After about 20 minutes of chatting away we were done.  We shook out my hair and the results were WOW!  I had bouncy, voluminous and glossy hair.  I could never do this on my own.

Now although this will only cost you £32, which really is good considering it lasted me 3 days through sweaty workout, it is a luxury.  As an average girl I wouldn’t be coming here weekly but if I have an event or feel like being glamorous I will be running back.  I admit I LOVED IT and my hair has never looked so good.

So if you want the mane you never had I suggest you head down to Duck and Dry and let them work their magic!

Love Georgie xx