Do what people say you cant do.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that last week was pretty horrendous.  Another trip to the hospital for a wisdom tooth infection this time, that escalated quickly and then being seriously unwell from a drug the hospital gave me (yes I was high as a kite).

Anyway, I wanted to briefly write down something positive I take away from every single doctor's appointment or hospital visit.  Admittedly its hard to feel happy when you are in pain in a hospital bed, but its finding that happy takeaway that counts.

For those who don't know my heart beats slower than everyone else's, and my oxygen levels are super low.  They have become even lower in the last 3 years to the point of making me very unwell.  Every SINGLE nurse, doctor, consultant or even patient who I get talking too and have spoken to in the last 3 years of this struggle has been utterly shocked when I tell them I am a Personal Trainer. 

They stare at my ECG's and my oxygen sats in absolute terror as I go on to say I have been working in the fitness industry for more than 5 years now.  Although it's irritating having to bat back and forth with them about how, what, when why?  I do have to say I am seriously proud of how I am defying all odds.  They just cannot believe that a girl with that slow of a heart and low of an oxygen level could be a Personal Trainer, let alone exercise regularly.  

Why have I done it?

"Do what people say you cant do".  When I was younger my Doctor told me I would never be able to exercise, at most a fast walk.  My Heart was beating a little slow and therefore I was not allowed to move quickly.  As I got older something switched in my head after years of not participating in sports and fitness.  I stuck two fingers up at them (in my head) and went on to do dancing.  Which led to me going to drama school and dancing hours every day, which then led me to be a Personal Trainer.  Even though my low oxygen can sometimes mean I have to be rushed to A and E, even now, I will never give up and will always go on to shock them all.

The message from this I want you all to take is don't let anyone tell you that you cant.  Don't let anyone put you off your dreams, and don't let anyone dull your sparkle.  You got this.


G xx


Georgie Spurling