'Diet' Update

I have always chosen to be reasonably quiet about what I eat on here as I don't want to influence anyone.  I am NOT a nutritionist, and although I have a lot of knowledge about nutrition I am not qualified to give out advice.  With that said, I want to make the point we are all INDIVIDUAL and just because something works for me, does not mean its going to work for you, in fact, it may be dangerous for some, so always consult an expert. 

Anyway, for those of you who know I have been majoritively plant-based for the last 5 years.  I'm not going to go into why in detail but let's just say its for ethical reasons and I also feel so much better having 90-100% of my diet plants.  


Where it started...

When I first took out animal products from my diet I focussed on grains, legumes, and fruit.  Essentially high Carbohydrate and fairly low fat, apart from the everyday nut butter.  For the first two years, I felt amazing, full of energy and my metabolism was rapid.  I thought that taking out the fat from animal products and oils was what my body wanted and how I would eat for the rest of my life.   I am a huge believer of the fact that 'sugar', as in the sugar in carbohydrates is NOT bad for you and fruit is good for you.  There are a lot of people online shaming fruit and it's totally wrong.  However, I ate ALOT of it and at the time felt great, until suddenly it all changed. 


2 years ago.

I was super happy, content and feeling energised.  The one problem was I was NEVER satisfied.  I started to find that after every single meal I would be 'full' but not satisfied.  My body was missing something all the time and I couldn't work out what.  With my medical problems also happening at the same time I would constantly have blood tests to check deficiencies and problems but nothing ever came up.  My B12 was great, Iron normal and magnesium fine.  I then began to get really bad digestive problems, and I couldn't work out why as I hadn't changed my diet for years. I ended up blaming all of this on my medical issues I was having at the time and continued to eat the same way.


Last 3 months.

In the last few months, I have decided to experiment as something needed to change.  My body felt undernourished all the time, at the same time my stomach was always swollen.  So I decided to do a 180 turn and switch to a high fat, low carbohydrate diet.  Now I just want to get something clear I have NEVER counted macros and never will but I'm educated enough to know what foods are low carb and which ones are high, and this was just a little experiment.  I took out bread, pasta and all grains, and added in coconut oil, avocados and more nut butter.  

Not going to lie, I was scared how this huge change was going to affect my body, as in adding in loads of fat may change my physical appearance.  How wrong could I have been?  Adding more fat into my diet was the best thing I have ever done.  My digestion is so much better, I'm satiated after a meal, and another benefit is that I look more 'toned'.  I never weigh myself so I cant tell you if I have lost or gained, but I fit into the same clothes yet my body is more defined than it has ever been.  

Whats more I feel nourished, healthy and energised.  We all NEED fat, I learned this the hard way, especially for women, fats are essential for hormone function.  Fewer carbohydrates have also helped me sustain my energy levels.  I want to make it clear I have not removed carbs, I still eat them, just not as much as I used too.  I've been focussing on sweet potato, quinoa, and vegetables.



What does this mean / what should I do?

If my journey teaches you one thing, let it be that we are all so unique and have completely individual constitutions.  Not one size fits all and some of us run better on different ratios.  You may be someone who thrives off high carbohydrates or someone who feels better with loads of fat.  Overall, we should not be copying anyone else because a certain way of eating works for them.  All from a little experiment, I tried I have learned that although most 'plant-based' people are fine on high carb, I am not, I need a lot of fat to function and that's okay.  I encourage you to not stick to a trend and to experiment with what nourishes and fuels your body more!