Beets for A Better Bod

After the brilliant Love Beetroot pop up event a couple of days ago (on my social media) I was inspired by how foods can help your fitness recovery. I mean, I was blown away!   Beetroot is only one of many foods that can actually help you get fitter, recovery quicker and get you closer to your goals. So now feeling inspired I did my research and came up with a list of top foods that are Athlete worthy…

1. Beetroot – Got to start with this purple beauty as I learnt so much at the Love Beetroot event. We all know beetroots are high in immune boosting properties but how can they help our bodies get fitter?  Beetroot is high in Nitrate which our bodies convert into Nitric oxide which helps our blood circulate through our body.  It also helps with muscular contraction, so basically our muscles work harder during a workout.  New PB’s could be set from just eating a bit of beetroot!  It helps to increase the oxygen that circulates our body, a superfood or what?  Another astounding fact about beetroot is the rich purple colour, coming from the high levels of Betalain is an anti-inflammatory.  In other words, helps reduce muscle soreness like nothing else. Lastly, beets are rammed with Iron which is an essential nutrient for energy and improves our haemoglobin.  In conclusion, we should all be adding beetroot to our pre and post workout snacks.  Thank you to Olivia Cooney and Tom Clifford for sharing your wisdom on the beloved Beetroot.

2. Pineapple – This super fruit is not only great for digestion, spiking that metabolism but also is loaded with bromelain.  This stuff is a potent anti inflammatory, helping our muscles recover quicker.  Pineapple can also help lower blood pressure which in the long run, makes you more fit!

3. Berries – Okay we all know berries are great… blah blah blah.  However, did you know that they promote a healthy heart.  When doing cardio we NEED a healthy heart so shove those berries in before a workout.  Berries also help with your memory, in this case muscle memory.  Each time you go to the gym and learn a new exercise you need to have strong muscle memory to remember and coordinate your body better next time.

4. Protein – I hate to tell you what you already know but Protein is still up there as one of the best things to consume post workout.  Now don’t panic, if your plant based like me there are SO MANY options available for non whey proteins out there, my favourite at the moment being Misfits or Vega!  Without  enough protein in our bodies our cell structure suffers, nor can we generate the biochemical substances needed for cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, growth, and healing.  Protein makes our muscle recover SO MUCH QUICKER and the more muscle we have the more fat we burn.  Simple.


I hope you have enjoyed this little post about fit snacks!  Try and incorporate at least one into your diet pre or post workout and see the difference.

Love Georgie xxx