5 BEST Classes in London

With the recent sadness hitting London I want to share some positivity and tell you all some of the many reasons London is so GREAT!

One of those being the fitness scene.  There is just so much choice and so many great places that you can go that are totally unique.  I mean the fun I have hopping class to class is unreal.  You may be thinking how the hell do i afford to go to classes all the time.  May I present to you ‘Class Pass’.  An incredible membership system where you pay a certain amount a month and get access to hundreds of studios around London for free!  I mean if you new to exercise or want to really go at your fitness journey then class pass is THE ONE.  Only downside – not all studios are on it, but the ones that are not are all worth paying to go too!

Im going to share with you my top 5 classes in London, all different styles, methods and teaching.  It was so hard to narrow down but each and every one on this list is a class I keep returning too, which says a lot as I get bored easily.  Okay here goes…

(click on the name of each studio to go to their website)

1. DUO CHELSEA STRONG AND LEAN (chelsea) – Okay yes I’m biased because I work at Duo part time but there is a reason I love this place so much.  The atmosphere you will not find anywhere else in London, guaranteed.  Duo is a small studio meaning everyone knows everyone.  A complete family vibe which is just amazing.  The classes are only for maximum 4 people so you get almost a tailored class with a very intimate setting.  You can learn how to weight train with the best of the best. Every single personal trainer at Duo is bloody lovely (myself included haha) and really spends time with you on each exercise.  I don’t know any other gym in London where you can go to a class and it feels like a Personal training session.

GOOD FOR: Functional weight training / individual programs /intimate atmosphere.

BAD FOR:     Nothing really.  The one thing you don’t get is a big party atmosphere!

2. KOBOX (chelsea and the city) – If you are fit and live in London then you must have heard of Kobox.  No doubt when they opened they were the new trend and the class everyone was raving about.  However, a couple of years on from their launch they are still going strong,  it’s is absolutely brilliant.  The most fun I EVER have in an exercise class is here. Its a mixture between boxing and circuit training with a club like setting. Which is great if you want to learn how to box in the funnest way!  The music is always great and pumping loud, meaning you are revved up for the whole class.  Lastly the instructors are so energising, there is nothing worse than a half asleep instructor, but at Kobox they are brilliant.

GOOD FOR:  High energy / fun/ buzzing feeling afterwards/ sweat fest!

BAD FOR: One on one coaching /very unfit people.

3. PAOLA’S BODYBARRE (several locations central/west london) – Now there are many barre classes in London, but let me tell you Paola is QUEEN.  Not only did she meticulously create this method but it is so different to any other barre class in London.  As I have danced ballet in the past I thought that barre classes in general were going to be quite slow, I was wrong.  This is probably one of the hardest classes I have ever done.  Not in a cardio / out of breath way, nor a heavy weights way, but in a severe muscle burn way.  It uses a cross between pilates, ballet and some yoga methods to really make you sweat.  I love the technical side of this class and also how it makes you feel super elegant.  I also LOVE paola as she is so inspiring!

GOOD FOR:  Muscle fatigue / all fitness levels  / intense core work

BAD FOR:  Lazy people.

4. TEN LONDON REFORMER (mayfair) – I actually found out about TEN through my dad who works right around the corner.  Since I was the one suggesting he tries a reformer class I thought I would join him one week.  I LOVE reformer but for me it’s hard to find a class that doesn’t teach everything I already know, they can be quite repetitive.  TEN really pushes me.  Its super hard and also ridiculously creative.  The exercises are really interesting and made even better by the gorgeous studio.  The reformers are also really spread out which means you get loads of space to yourself.  I have noticed since going here my posture and core have improved significantly.

GOOD FOR: Hard core exercises / all fitness levels / posture / relaxing atmosphere /people with injuries

BAD FOR: Gets booked up really quickly

5. INDABA YOGA ASHTANGA (Marylebone) – If your looking for somewhere off the beaten track then Indaba is definitely that.  Its not a studio that is over hyped or over busy but my gosh is it great!  Im not going to lie I have found Yoga classes difficult to get in too.  As in, I can’t seem to switch off and go with the flow, I prefer to practice on my own.  Indaba seems to change that.  There is something about the instructors that pull you in and you are swept away for the whole class.  Its challenging but also you come out feeling very switched off (which is almost impossible for me).  If your a beginner to yoga but want to be pushed then this is the studio for you!

GOOD FOR: All fitness levels / calming / quiet studio / learning yoga

BAD FOR: Difficult to find / Class times are awkward

So those are my current favourite classes/studios in London.  They do change pretty regularly so I will update you when they do.  However, I suggest going to check some of these out!

Love Georgie xx