3 Tips For The Perfect Squat

So today I thought I would do a fitness blog post, as it has recently come to my attention how many people have never really been properly taught how to squat.  It may seem simple but getting the right form is essential to ensure the right muscles are engaged and to reduce the risk of injury.

Squats are probably the most functional natural movement we could do. They are a compound movement, meaning that it uses more than one body part; in fact we use almost our whole body in a squat. Squatting not only improve your overall strength but they also can help prevent injury in your knees throughout the rest of your workout.

squatdiagram (1).jpg

1. Lets start from the bottom up. Your feet are massively important when performing a safe squat. Not only do they help you balance as you transfer your weight but they also set the knees into the correct position. You want to stand a little wider than hip width apart. Next make sure your toes are slightly turned out (halfway to looking like a ballerina) to ensure good knee position. By this I mean if our knees buckle inwards when doing a squat this can be dangerous, turned out feet means our knees are likely to be turned out too.

  • Go back to basis and analyse your back Having good posture is vital when getting your squat on. Keep your back in a neutral position throughout the squat. This means no arching your back, keep those shoulders, chest and eyes up and forward. This is actually harder than it sounds. In order to maintain correct posture you need to use your core and back muscles to hold it straight, therefore helping you get a sexy defined back. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Lastly it’s all about that butt. Squats are renowned for being the best exercise to get a bubble butt. However, for it to really work you have to engage those cheeky cheeks properly. Once at the bottom of the squat you need to think about your glutes. As your come up squeeze your butt real hard to engage and activate those muscles. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes. You want an instant butt lift? Squeeze!

I hope this has helped some of you with your squatting technique and inspires others who don’t regularly do squats to start!

Love Georgie xx