I know, I know I turned 25 a few months ago but I wanted to give this post some real thought. I wanted to document 25 things I want to have done / achieved in the next 25 years. It’s a long time 25 years so some of these may be way into the future but they are all something I feel very strongly about.



  1. Continue to grow my business:

    In the last 6 years i’ve launched my own online business (the GS METHOD) and I am about to launch another secret project in January next year. Starting a business is hard work but i’m determined to see it grow more and more over the next 25 years.

2. Speak kinder to myself

This is actually been one of the things Ive been working on already, but I really have noticed I don’t say nice things to myself and constantly put myself under too much pressure. In the next 25 years I don’t expect to be perfect at this but at least be able to take the pressure off myself.

3. Be on the stage

For those of you who don’t know I went to drama school years ago and became a performer. I gave that up to pursue my own business but I always have a part of me that wants to go back to the stage. I WILL be performing again.

4. Live abroad for at least a year

Always a dream of mine, but it’s always been the wrong time. In the next 25 years I am determined to experience what living abroad feels like.

5. Dive

This is one that i’m nervous to write down. My doctors have always told me I will never EVER be able to dive. Ive snorkelled in some of the best places in the world but because of my low oxygen diving has always been a no go. In the next 25 years I would love to experience it, just once, even if its for 1 min and I have to come back up again. Can you tell how much I love the ocean?

6. Snorkel the world

Follwing on from above, I am a mermaid and I want to explore the oceans as much as I can.

7. Start ballet again

I cant tell you the amount of times Ive said i’m going to do this and I don’t find the time. Well in the next 25 years I will!

8. Get married

A little bit controversial this one but its something I have personally always wanted. However, I can assure you I will only be marrying the RIGHT man.

9. Go to Bali

Ive purposely chosen NOT to go to Bali previously, in the fear of it being over commercial. Im a fan of deserted beaches and peace and quiet. However, its just somewhere I would love to explore in the next few years.

10. Give my parents / granny more

My parents have always supported me through EVERYTHING. When i’ve been through some very dark times they have been my rocks. My granny is just my most favourite person in the world and has always given me so much. I want to give them as much as I can, and I don’t mean buying them loads (although when Im rich I will do) I mean I want to treat them as much as I can.

11. Write a book

Very VERY few of my friends and family will know this has been a dream of mine since the age of about 10. I have always been passionate about writing (hence the blog) and I am setting myself a goal to write a book in the next 25 years. I already have a pretty clear idea on what its going to be about but watch this space.

12. Make it to Australia again

Ive been to Australia once and it was HEAVEN. However, the long flight has always put me off going again. I will be going back shortly and I cant wait.

13. Buy a holiday home

You know when I said above that some of these will be in the distant future. Well, this is VERY far away (just ask my banker). However, It would be the dream to own a place in the sun where I can escape too when Ive had enough of London. Dream big people!

14. Host more events

All I will say is this is coming… VERY SOON.

15. Be more present

When you start a business, your mind body and soul are dedicated to it. As I hopefully grow I want to spend more time being present with friends and family and myself.

16. Interior design my home

Again, when i’m rich I would love to go mad in my home and just do it up exactly how I want it.

17. Stop worrying so much

Hands up, Im a worrier, and I definitely got this from my dad. However, there has been times where it’s taken over my brain. My aim is to stop worrying so much about the little details and start living every day as if its my last.

18. Run the marathon for charity

Okay, again, this would be near impossible for me. However, even if I have to walk or crawl most of it Its on my list.

17. Explore more of Europe

I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world (helps having parents who like to explore), but I haven’t really experienced much of Europe, which is weird because it’s just round the corner.

18. Start a podcast

I feel like I have a lot to say and a lot to explain and a podcast would be the perfect place for this. Any ideas?

19. Live by a beach

London is my home right now and for the near future, but I hope when I move out of London I will be by the beach. Its my happy place.

20. Grow my own garden

This is a little one but something I just need to do. When I have a bigger garden I will be taking pride in all my blooming fruit and veg.

21. Continue to be creative

When real life and being an adult hits you hard I feel like sometimes we loose parts of our personality. I am HUGELY creative with a WILD imagination and I hope in the future I can be more of this and less adult.

22. Enjoy happiness

This one is SUPER important. I have extremely happy moments in my life but I feel I am always striving for better and I forgot to cherish those happy moments. I hope to start really appreciating my happiness and noticing the positives in all their glory.

23. Have a studio in my house

A very materialistic one I know but I need a pilates studio in my future house, I just need it.

24. Take my family away

Similar to the one above about giving back to my parents but I want to take my family on the trip of a lifetime (when I have won the lottery or made millions). My best memories are made on my family holidays and I want nothing more than that to continue.

25. To help others

Everything I do from my Instagram to blog to youtube to fitness coaching, is done because I love to help others. I want to inspire you from my own story to never give up. I want to continue to share what I am passionate about in the hope that some people get something great out of it.

Well done, you made it to the end of a very long list! I hope you enjoyed and I also hope you make one of your own. It’s really good to have big and little dreams. Some are in the distant future, others I can start to work on right now, and it’s exciting.

Love G xx